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Super Junior’s Kim Heechul opens up about a past scandal.

On November 26, he made a guest appearance on SBS’s Power FM radio program “Cultwo Show” where he talked about the previous scandal with singer Ivy.

When asked if he had a scandal before, Heechul answered, “There are some people who think that I haven’t had a scandal yet, but there are a few [I’ve been connected to] that are known and some that aren’t.”

When the MC asked if there’s a certain celebrity he wish to have a dating scandal with, Kim Heechul answered, “If I were to say a person’s name right now, it means that I wouldn’t want to date them. If I really like the person, I would not utter the person’s name.”

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On November 27, F.T. Island uploaded a behind-the-scenes video of the music video for title track “Madly” off of the group’s fifth mini album “The Mood.”

The scenes are mostly of member Choi Jong Hun waiting and preparing for his acting scenes along with bits and pieces of cuts of the whole band playing out in the field or inside a long, dark tunnel.

This is some good eye-candy for all F.T. Island fans.

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f(x) and EXO invite you to their 'Christmas Wonderland' for their upcoming joint concert during 'SMTOWN WEEK'!

SM Entertainment stated on the 27th, "f(x) and EXO will hold their joint concert, 'SMTOWN WEEK f(x) & EXO 'Christmas Wonderland', at KINTEX, Ilsan on December 24-25."

As the title suggests, f(x) and EXO will get fans into the holiday spirit with carols. In addition, the groups will perform their debut and hit songs as well as tracks from their albums that fans have been waiting to see performed live. They will also perform a collaborative stage for "Goodbye Summer".

As mentioned before, 'SMTOWN WEEK' will run from December 21-29 with TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee, f(x), and EXO's concerts back-to-back.

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In November of 2014, the first ever DIMA's (Dubai International Music Awards) will take place in, well duh, Dubai!

What's even cooler is that, for the first time ever, K-Pop artists will take to the stage in Dubai! In order to make this happen, we've teamed up with the DIMA's and after tallying online and offline votes, the winners (best of Korea), will attend the awards show and perform.

That's right, you guys get to choose which K-Pop artists will perform in Dubai. Along side K-Pop artists, approximately 66 total artists across the globe are to perform at the DIMA's. In addition, the show will be broadcast via FOX TV, as well as streamed online.

Leading up to the show, the FOX TV series 'The Road to DIMA' will feature ten head-to-head battles, one every month, featuring international artists from the UK, US, India and the K-Pop world.

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It has been revealed that JYJ has filed a claim against a few magazines for publishing their photos without any prior notice.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on the 26th, "All three members of JYJ filed a claim for damages against two magazines which published their photos with prior notice... We have already gone through several sessions and are awaiting the conclusion of the arguments mid-December... The two magazines used photos released through press releases or taken at press conferences, and published the photos in dozens of pages, and in one part of the magazine, a photo was blown up to an A4 size that filled the page, and there was also a separate poster released for distribution as well."

The agency also added, "It's not that we're trying to prohibit reasonable acts of report... As long as it's in a reasonable range, of course, we permit the usage of press release photos," explaining that what the two magazines have done are considered beyond a reasonable amount.

The JYJ members are definitely not the first celebrities to exercise their right of publicity as stars like Baek Ji Young, Nam Gyu Ri, and more have recently been engaged in legal battles over similar matters.

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SM Entertainment's monthly entertainment magazine 'The Celebrity' released a video of TVXQ's Changmin pursuing his hobby of photography.

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Korean-American singer David Kim will be making his solo debut under the stage name Dabit and released two teaser photos for his debut digital song “Whoo Whoo Whoo.”

Dabit was formerly a trainee at Choeun Entertainment to debut in the current idol group 24K. Dabit left the agency to pursue music that is closer to his heart, and now Dabit will debut as a soloist under KoffeeDream Entertainment with his single album, “When the Wind Blows.”

Dabit composed and wrote the two tracks in his debut single album. The intro, “When the Wind Blows” is said to be a warm jazzy song, while the main track “Whoo Whoo Whoo” will change the pace as an upbeat swing song about falling for someone at first sight. According to his agency, “Dabit’s aim is to create pure and honest music that is easy on the ears but still has depth in it.”

Dabit’s digital single album “When the Wind Blows” will be released on December 5, which also happens to be his birthday.

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Following the release of Jiyeon and Eunjung‘s teaser for T-ara‘s comeback track “What Should I Do?,” it is now Hyomin‘s turn.

Wearing a bight pink sweater, she is seen holding a drink and blowing bubble gum in the first two pictures. The second set of pictures, which features her in a bar, looks like it has a darker filter over it. In all the pictures she has a serious expression.

T-ara’s newest track, “What Should I Do?” samples a 1977 song with the same title that won first place at a University song festival. The music video for “What Should I Do?” will be filmed like a musical and allow for the members of T-ara to showcase their acting and interesting choreography.

All members’ teaser photos will be released one by one until December 2, when the song will be released.
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With SM Entertainment set to hold their large-scale music festival “SMTOWN Week” next month, they have released a teaser featuring the artists and the titles of their special stages. “SMTOWN Week” will be held from December 21 to 29 at the Ilsan Kintex in Ilsanseo-gu, Goyang, South Korea.

SHINee “The Wizard” December 21, Sat 6PM

Girls’ Generation “Marchen Fantasy” December 22, Sun 6PM

f(x) & EXO “Christmas Wonderland” December 24, Tue 8PM & December 25, Wed 6PM

DBSK “Time Slip” December 26, Thur 8PM & December 27, Fri 8PM

Super Junior “Treasure Island” December 28, Sat 6PM & December 29, Sun 3PM

“SMTOWN Week” will commence for the first time as artists present various performances one after the other. The festival is predicted to attract 10,000 people and become the first large-scale K-Pop festival in Korea’s history. It is expected to lead to another concert brand similar to “SMTOWN Live.”

Tickets to “SMTOWN Week” went on sale on November 8 through G Market.

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