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J.Tune Camp, home to MBLAQ and Two X, teased their new group at MBLAQ's finale concert in Seoul and now have released a first look at the new group.

A teaser clip posted on their Youtube channel of the new group Pro C. The teaser has the boys showing off some moves, and seems to heavily imply that Pro C is going to be a hip hop group.

Pro C will debut with a song called "Bad Memory", featuring none other than K.Will!

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TVXQ will become the first foreign artist to perform at Japan's Tokyo Dome 3 years in a row!

TVXQ announced the exciting news at their fanmeeting at Japan's Saitama Super Arena, saying, "We're going to have a Japanese tour starting in April next year. On May 20th, 21st, and 23rd, we'll be performing at the Tokyo Dome. We'll be performing a total of 26 times in 11 cities."

At the fanmeeting, the boys sang their new Chrismtas single "Very Very Xmas" to a total of 36,000 fans.

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Winner list "Mnet Asian Music Award"


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Goo Hara из KARA и JeA из Brown Eyed Girls для '1st Look'

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Siwan и Dong Jun из ZE:A для 'The Celebrity'

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Gyuri из KARA для 'Sure'

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Victoria из f(x) и Jay Park для 'Oh Boy!'

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KARA's Seungyeon and Jiyoung put a sexy twist on classic looks in their solo pictorials for 'Vogue Girl' and 'Arena Homme Plus'

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Are you ready? - Netizens react to MAMA 2013

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Singer Roy Kim will donate 30 million KRW (~28,000 USD) of his “Superstar K4” winnings as prize money for the Yoo Jae-ha Music Concours.

The 24th Yoo Jae-ha Music Concours will be held at Baeknam Music Concert Hall, at Hanyang University’s Seoul campus, on November 24. Roy Kim will be donating 30 million KRW of his prize money from last year’s Mnet “Superstar K4.” The Yoo Jae-ha scholarship committee stated, “Roy Kim’s donation has been of tremendous assistance to us. It’s the first time we have received a contribution from a private donor, and whether the sum is big or small, putting up his own prize money has meaning in itself. His thoughts and deeds are admirable and we are grateful for his action.”

Roy Kim’s side has expressed, “He has also wanted to donate, so when he heard about the Yoo Jae-ha Music Festival, he readily made the donation.”

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European-licensed fashion magazine “Dazed and Confused” recently featured Big Bang’s Taeyang on the cover of their December issue.

Back with a powerful hip-hop style, Taeyang gives off a strong masculine energy. On the cover of the magazine, Taeyang is pulling down his bottom lip to show a tattoo, which is Arabic for “Rise,” Taeyang’s name for his solo album to come out at the beginning of next year. Always the perfectionist, Taeyang, even during the late-night filming for the magazine, was actively participating and contributing his own ideas, such as the lip tattoo.

Taeyang said, “I want to sing and dance until I die. It doesn’t matter to me if people see me as an artist or an idol. I can be myself in any circumstance. I like that I’m me,” revealing an optimistic energy and complete confidence.

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It has been belatedly revealed that D.O. suffered an ankle injury during EXO's stage at the '2013 MAMA'.

Fans may have noticed his absence during the interview and awards acceptance, and SM has revealed that it was due to an ankle injury.

The agency stated on the 23rd, "D.O. injured his right ankle during their performance... He was rushed to the hospital immediately afterwards and received treatment. There were no other injuries sustained according to the results. It is slightly sprained. He only needs to receive some physical therapy once he returns to Korea."

We wish D.O. a safe and speedy recovery, and congrats to the group on winning album of the year!

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