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Hot idol group EXO will be sharing the stage with rookie actress and fellow label mate Yoon So Hee at the “2013 Mnet Asian Music Awards” (2013 MAMA) in Hong Kong.

Yoon So Hee will look familiar to EXO fans as she was the female star in EXO’s music video dramas for “Wolf” and “Growl.” A representative of their agency, SM Entertainment, said about the future collaboration, “Yoon So Hee will appear on stage with EXO at ’2013 MAMA’ as her character in the music videos for ‘Wolf’ and ‘Growl’.”

Mnet producer Choi Hyo Jin revealed, “The premise of the performance will be about EXO as students who are trapped in their school building. Yoon So Hee will play the mysterious muse as the EXO members try to escape from their school.”

“2013 MAMA” will air on Mnet on November 22.

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It has been revealed that Chanyeol will lead his fellow members on MBC Every1's 'EXO's Showtime' as the MC, and EXO also shared their excitement to show what they're really like on their first ever reality show.

According to the show's reps, EXO answered viewers' questions during their first filming, including the difficult question, "Who is the most good looking member?" The members replied, "Everyone has so many charms, so it's hard to choose", but ended up conducting a visual ranking among themselves.

Upon seeing the members get wild and out of control, MC Chanyeol commented, "During times like this, one should exercise mind control," calming himself down.

Suho shared, "We want to show EXO being ourselves. We hope that this will become an opportunity for EXO to strengthen our teamwork." D.O. said, "This is our first reality show so I am nervous, but I think we were able to have fun while filming it. We will show many sides of us never seen before so please look forward to it." Baekhyun also said, "I feel good and thrilled. I want to show the comfortable and friendly image of an ordinary 22-year-old guy."

'EXO's Showtime' will premiere on the 28th at 6 PM KST

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It has been belatedly revealed that D.O. suffered an ankle injury during EXO's stage at the '2013 MAMA'.

Fans may have noticed his absence during the interview and awards acceptance, and SM has revealed that it was due to an ankle injury.

The agency stated on the 23rd, "D.O. injured his right ankle during their performance... He was rushed to the hospital immediately afterwards and received treatment. There were no other injuries sustained according to the results. It is slightly sprained. He only needs to receive some physical therapy once he returns to Korea."

We wish D.O. a safe and speedy recovery, and congrats to the group on winning album of the year!

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Member of boy group EXO, Kris, received the MVP award on “Let’s Go Dream Team Season 2.”

On the episode of the KBS 2TV’s variety program, which aired on November 24, a “3-on-3 Super Ball” basketball tournament took place.

The final battle was played between the “Nom Nom Nom” team and “Devilish Boys” team. Actor Kim Hyuk, a formal basketball player, lead the “Nom Nom Nom” team to victory as the team’s ace player.

Former basketball player Kim Hyuk was not considered for the MVP award due to his professional status. Taking this to account, Kris of the “EXOSTY” team was chosen as the recipient for the MVP award.

The players on the show commented, “They were many strong teams,” and “We made many fun memories today.”

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f(x) and EXO invite you to their 'Christmas Wonderland' for their upcoming joint concert during 'SMTOWN WEEK'!

SM Entertainment stated on the 27th, "f(x) and EXO will hold their joint concert, 'SMTOWN WEEK f(x) & EXO 'Christmas Wonderland', at KINTEX, Ilsan on December 24-25."

As the title suggests, f(x) and EXO will get fans into the holiday spirit with carols. In addition, the groups will perform their debut and hit songs as well as tracks from their albums that fans have been waiting to see performed live. They will also perform a collaborative stage for "Goodbye Summer".

As mentioned before, 'SMTOWN WEEK' will run from December 21-29 with TVXQ, Super Junior, Girls' Generation, SHINee, f(x), and EXO's concerts back-to-back.

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EXO’s method of distinguishing each other apart is gaining much attention.

On the recent airing of MBC Everyone’s “EXO’s Showtime,” one of the viewers submitted a question asking, “Is there an easy way to tell the members apart?” Members of EXO gave some tips on how to distinguish between members by pointing out each other’s special features.

The members seemed to have been stumped by the unexpected question. The first member who responded was Baekhyun. He turned towards Tao and said, “His face has a greenish tan.” He then turned to Chanyeol saying, “His ears look like fairy ears, so his nick name is Yoda.” Baekhyun displayed his verbal skills as he gave his answer.

When it came time to mention Baekhyun’s special feature, all of the members began speaking their revenge. His face turned red as he blushed at the members’ answers.

You can find out the rest the member’s individual qualities in the first episode of “EXO Showtime”

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EXO is scheduled to go throughout a special set of promotional activities this December with the release of their winter special single, “December’s Miracle.”

On November 29th, SM Entertainment announced that EXO will be releasing a single as a special treat for their fans this winter. A teaser photo, which featured EXO dressed in a green shirt and red hat forming a Christmas tree pose, was also released with the statement.

The said winter album will include five tracks, which will be made available in Korean and Chinese versions.

“December’s Miracle” will be released on December 9th and will make their first special stage on December 5th on Mnet M!Countdown.

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Actor Kim Kang Woo and EXO’s D.O will meet together on the big screen in the upcoming movie “Cart.”

“Cart” follows the story of a single mom, played by Uhm Jung Ah, who is wrongfully fired from her job at as a contract employee of a mega store. The movie will follow the story after the wrongful dismissal.

Kim Kang Woo will play the role of the lead male actor, while EXO’s D.O will act as single mom Uhm Jung Ah’s son. Through this role, Kim Kang Woo defines his popularity in the acting world through the release of his new movie, “Marriage Blue,” and the release of his upcoming movie “Chirasi,” set for early next year.

For EXO’s D.O, this movie will be the singer’s acting debut. Having showcased his vocals and dancing abilities through such hit songs as “Wolf,” and “Growl,” EXO’s D.O plans to exhibit a different side through his big screen debut.

“Cart,” featuring Kim Kang Woo, D.O, Uhm Jung Ah, Moon Jung Hee, and Kim Young Ae will start filming soon, and will aim to release in mid-next year.

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After making an adorable human “EXO-MAS” tree for their teaser photos, EXO has released the audio for a track from their upcoming special winter album, “Miracle in December.”

“Miracle in December” will come in two different versions, Korean and Chinese. Each album will come with five tracks.

The audio teasers were played on SMTOWN‘s EXO-K and EXO-M websites. For both sites, the audio teaser was the same as it played parts of the songs in Korean and then in Chinese.

EXO will kick off their winter album promotions on December 5 on “M!Countdown” and then have a special showcase on December 9.

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