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B2ST will be seeing another one of its members trying his hand at becoming a solo artist, and it's none other than Junhyung.

Junhyung, who has been making a name for himself with his work as a producer and composer, will be making his official debut as a solo singer-songwriter this December!

He'll be dropping a new mini album and the tracks are of course written and composed by Junhyung, making this release even more meaningful.

In a conversation with TV Daily, Cube Entertainment elaborated a bit, commenting, "Junhyung is getting ready for a solo debut in mid December. He has not only written and composed all his tracks but also took part in the producing and rap himself... In addition to being an album that captures Junhyung's vibe and style, he'll be able to show you a different color because he'll be singing the songs himself rather than having other B2ST members singing."

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Doojoon took part in an interview for tvN's upcoming drama 'Let's Eat' on November 25 at Yeoido's IFC Mall.

On this day, he was asked which one of his female co-stars, Lee Soo Kyung or Yoon So Hee, was closer to his ideal type. Doojoon said, "I do not look at beauty for my ideal type so it is hard to choose, but Lee Soo Kyung is closer to my ideal type personality-wise."

He continued, "I am very shy with strangers, but while we worked together, it turned out that Lee Soo Kyung was very easy-going so I was able to get closer to her easily."

He also said, "Unlike my character in the drama, I can never eat a meal alone . . . It isn't because I am a celebrity; I can't eat alone even at my house."

The drama will first air on November 28! Prepare to see a lot of delicious food and some cute moments between Doojoon and Lee Soo Kyung's characters.

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On November 18, according to the Korean Companion Animal Society (KCAS), singer Lee Hyori brought an abandoned dog, Bambi, who wasn’t receiving proper treatment after a car accident, to the animal hospital and arranged for Bambi to get surgery.

Bambi is currently recovering, and he should be placed in a new family in the coming week or so.

Lee Hyori loves animals so much that as soon as the singer returned from her honeymoon, she came to the animal hospital where Bambi was staying and uploaded a picture of the cutie to Twitter.

Lee Hyori, who has been a huge advocate of animal rights and protection, often comes out to volunteer at an animal shelter and helps financially with generous donations. The singer also participated in KCAS’s star donation auction event, along with younger singers like BEAST, SISTAR, CNBLUE, Seo In Guk, K.Will, FTISLAND, 4Minute, and others, donating some of their personal items to the auction.

All of the proceeds from the auction event, which started on November 15, will go to animal shelters.

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