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Singer Rain might undergo investigation by the public prosecutor’s office.

According to the Seoul Central District Prosecutor’s Office, an ordinary citizen who heard about Rain’s military service controversy on TV has lodged a complaint against him saying, “As a celebrity, he took frequent leave from service, breaking military code and violating military criminal law.”

The citizen filed the complaint against Rain after watching the June broadcast of SBS current affairs program “Scene 21” which featured celebrity soldiers such as Sangchu, Se7en, KCM and Rain leaving camp without official notice, and showed some of these soldiers visiting massage parlors.

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Rain is moving up the ladder in Hollywood, grabbing another role in movie 'The Prince'!

According to his agency Cube DC, Rain will join Bruce Willis, John Cusak, 50 Cent, and more in EFO Films' 'The Prince', which is an action thriller film directed by Brian A. Miller. Rain will play the role of Omar (Bruce Willis)'s brave friend Mark.

Rain will depart for the States this December to film the movie and will then gear up for the release of his new album on January 6.

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On November 21, it was announced that Rain will make a comeback through a surprise performance at MAMA 2013 and that his new album will drop next year on January 6.

He’s currently touring Japan and will head to Hong Kong for the awards ceremony right after finishing up the Osaka leg of the tour.

Many industry critics are looking forward to the release of his album, observe what kind of style he will return with, and how it will be accepted by the public. This will mark three years and nine months since his last album “Back To The Basics,” which was released back in April 2010.

Rain produced the album and composed a number of songs in the album. He’s also working on other details on the album like the choreography and costume concept.

There’s also talks of him having a variety program, which would start next month capturing his various sides as the celebrity Rain and South Korean citizen Jung Ji Hoon.

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