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Sunny from girl group Girls’ Generation transformed into a hip hop girl who enjoys a fun Christmas party!

Sunny recently teamed up with fashion brand “Feltics” and took some pictorials for fashion magazine “NYLON.”

With the concept of a Christmas party, Sunny turned into a playful yet mature hip hop girl in this pictorial.

She went for a casual image with the mixture of colorful leggings and a fluffy padded jacket, completing the look by using a chewing gum and a baseball cap. She also displayed her delicate build by entering into a closet with a Bearbrick doll.

Meanwhile, the Christmas party pictorial will be on the December issue of the magazine.

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Girls' Generation's Seohyun helped out her fellow students at Dongguk University by donating a 100 million won ($94,700 USD) scholarship.

She attended the scholarship fund ceremony held at Lotus Hall inside the main building of Dongguk University on the 19th and was recognized for her donation by the university chancellor Kim Hee Ok.
Seohyun shared, "As I attended Dongguk University, I learned a lot... I graduate soon, so I wanted to help those who are forced to leave school due to their family circumstances." She also revealed which classes left the biggest impression on her: "My Japanese class was the most fun... I also found a big enlightenment during the lecture of my classics seminar."

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