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After announcing that legendary American singer and songwriter Stevie Wonder will be a guest at the “2013 Mnet Music Awards,” it has been announced that he will have a duet with Sistar‘s Hyorin for a special performance.

It is unsure how the two managed to have secret practice sessions, if they had them at all, but Hyorin and Stevie Wonder will have one of the highlight performance of the night. The two will be singing Stevie Wonder’s classic hit, “I Just Called to Say I Love You.”

“2013 MAMA” has always been known for their special collaboration, and it was already announced that Norwegian group and internet sensation Ylvis will be doing a collaboration with Crayon Pop. Swedish electro-pop duo Icona Pop and Paris Hilton are also signed on to perform during the show, and perhaps we will see another collaboration with a K-pop artist.

This news comes right after Hyorin announced that she will be debuting as a solo artist with a full album.

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Crayon Pop will be collaborating with the Norwegian brothers of comic duo group Ylvis for their upcoming 2013 MAMA performance.

While Crayon Pop had captured the hearts of their nation with the catchy "Bar Bar Bar," Ylvis went viral worldwide with their hit, "The Fox (What Does the Fox Say?)", which was released back in September.

Producer Ahn So Yeon said, "Crayon Pop and Ylvis are this year's representative musicians who overcame language and borders to show what kind of influential power could be created when new on-line media meets music that can communicate with the entire world."

She continued, "As Ylvis and Crayon Pop are the artists who showed their unique individuality instead of following the trend of the whole pop generation, I am anticipating their performance because it will be the best one at the 2013 MAMA."

This is sure to further increase interest as it was already announced that Stevie Wonder, Icona Pop, Big Bang, Paris Hilton, and more would be taking part in the 2013 MAMA.

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