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On November 22, G.O made a guest appearance on KBS 2TV's 'Yoo Hee Yeol's Sketchbook' and talked about his days in school.

Yoo Hee Yeol asked, "Were you popular when you were a student?"

G.O responded honestly, "I was. They acknowledged me in Changwon. At that time, I said I should sell tickets so I united with my friends to create CMU, Changwon Musician Union, and sang. We once had a performance with 700 seats that sold out."

Yoo Hee Yeol then asked if there was a fan club so G.O said, "No fan club but there was a fan cafe. There were even girls who came to confess their feelings."

G.O was revealed to have had dated twenty times. He said, "I did not properly date until junior high school. I am talking about those kinds of dating. There were not many cases in which I sincerely loved . . . I think those experiences helped me while I sang."

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IU's agency Loen Entertainment is pushing forward with the acquisition of SISTAR's agency Starship Entertainment according to a report from the Korea Economy.

Following the investment banking and entertainment industries on November 22, the largest stockholders of Starship Entertainment, President Kim Si Dae and director Seo Hyun Joo, are in the midst of finishing up the merger and acquisition negotiation. Both parties do not have largely different views on the terms of sale, so it appears they will enter into a formal contract some time next month.

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Group VIXX’s choreography for their new song “Voodoo Doll” did not pass the 3 broadcasting stations’

On the 22nd representatives of VIXX’s agency said that VIXX will have their first comeback on national television on KBS2 Music Bank. However the choreography did not pass regulations and was inevitably edited.

VIXX also received the same verdicts from MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo.
The problamatic part was using the skull cane to stab their hearts. When the music video was released, there was already a violence controversy over the blood.

Officials of the company said, “The part that became the problem is where the VIXX members turned into voodoo dolls. The choreogrpahy is symbolic of expressing the sad fate of the doll being pierced in the heart,” and, “We were shocked at receiving this verdict. It’s a situation where we have to go on with the broadcast, but we are also pressured about how to change the key point of the choreography.”

VIXX’s title song “Voodoo Doll” is a song about becoming a voodoo doll to fulfill a misplaced love and expresses the sad fate of self-sacrifice for that love.

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Big Bang‘s Taeyang has reportedly caught the eye of a major label in the US, and the artist’s prospective steps towards the world’s largest music market are now gaining attention from the public.

On November 21, it was confirmed that Taeyang has received love calls from American record labels, and that he is currently thinking of his next move. Detailed information has not yet been revealed, but one of the labels is said to be a very dominant major company in the US.

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TVXQ will reportedly be celebrating their upcoming 10th anniversary with the release of a special album!

Sources close to the duo told Ilgan Sports, "The members are currently putting the finishing touches on their album recording. The new album consists of a total of around 10 tracks. It will be a special album which is similar to a full-length album."

"TVXQ recruited SM Entertainment's representative composers who work with them the best. They are recording around 20 songs and after narrowing down the songs, it seems they will split the album into two parts. It will be released in early January at the latest."

In the meantime, TVXQ will perform a two-day solo concert during 'SMTOWN WEEK' at KINTEX, Ilsan on December 26-27 where they will also perform a special stage in honor of this milestone!

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Love is in the air! While singer Jadu is preparing to get married in December, MC Sniper is ready to exchange wedding vows on November 24.

His agency, Sniper Sound, said, "At New Hilltop Hotel's Diamond Hall in Nonhyeon-dong on November 24, MC Sniper will be exchanging marriage vows with his girlfriend of four years who is an ordinary citizen seven years his junior."

In consideration for his non-celebrity girlfriend, the wedding will be private with only friends and family as guests.

MC Sniper said, "I decided to marry my fiancee for her warm nature as she has embraced me with gratitude and silently supported me by my side during the last four years we've known each other."

MC Sniper's good friend Bumkey of Rhymer's agency Brand New Music will be singing for the couple at the wedding. Afterwards, the couple will leave for their honeymoon in Bali. Congratulations to MC Sniper and his fiancee!

In addition, MC Sniper will be returning with a new album next year.

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It was previously revealed that an 18-year-old high school male was under investigation on the suspicion that he had hacked into Eunhyuk and Sungmin's SNS to post photos of a naked woman.

SM Entertainment revealed to a media outlet on November 21, "Currently, the suspect is undergoing investigation at the police department. In the meantime, we will see how the investigation goes and then decide on what course of action to take."

Previously, the Daegu Police Agency had reported through their official Twitter that they were investigating 18-year-old high school student "A." According to the police, "A" hacked Eunhyuk's Twitter around 4 pm on November 11 and uploaded about ten nude pictures of victim "B," who was revealed to be his ex-girlfriend.

Meanwhile, some netizens are saying the perpetrator is a trainee at SM Entertainment who goes by the surname Suk, but at this time, there is no evidence supporting their accusation.

After finishing up investigations on "A," the police plans to request an arrest warrant.
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Hyorin has released another track teaser from her upcoming album, 'LOVE&HATE'.

"One Way Love", lyrics by Brave Brothers and composed by Brave Brothers and Elephant Kingdom, is the second track from the SISTAR member's first full-length album on November 26. As shown in the tracklist, the album consists of a total of 10 tracks by hitmaking producers Brave Brothers, Duble Sidekick, Kim Do Hoon, and more. Hyorin also collaborated with a list of impressive artists, including Mad Clown, Dok2, and Block B's Zico, making this an album that you won't want to miss

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Big Bang’s leader G-Dragon confirmed his popularity in China.

According to YG Entertainment, G-Dragon received the “Most Welcomed Overseas Artist” award at the first “Youku Tudou Young Choice Music Awards” held at the Beijing Olympic Stadium on November 20.

G-Dragon, who was the only Korean singer present at the event, performed two tracks from his “Coup D’état” album, “Coup D’etat” and “Niliria.”

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Amidst excitement that Wonder Girls' Sohee has been cast in 'Fashion King', JYP Entertainment has confirmed that she has not been cast in the upcoming film.

A rep from JYPE cleared up the rumors that Sohee would likely play the female lead, explaining, "There has been no discussion." In addition, the agency would not reveal whether Sohee had received an offer for the part of Park Hae Jin.

Meanwhile, Joo Won's agency stated that he's still in the process of negotiations and that they'll have a final decision by late-November.

As mentioned before, 'Fashion King' (not to be confused with the past drama or the survival variety show of the same title) is based on a popular webtoon and portrays the story of a male student who becomes interested in fashion and tries to become the most handsome and best-dressed man around. The reason for his decision is due to his wish to become cool enough guy to be around the ulzzang girl in his class. Joo Won is in talks to play the male lead role, Woo Ki Myung, in the film, which will be directed by Oh Ki Hwan.

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It has been revealed that Chanyeol will lead his fellow members on MBC Every1's 'EXO's Showtime' as the MC, and EXO also shared their excitement to show what they're really like on their first ever reality show.

According to the show's reps, EXO answered viewers' questions during their first filming, including the difficult question, "Who is the most good looking member?" The members replied, "Everyone has so many charms, so it's hard to choose", but ended up conducting a visual ranking among themselves.

Upon seeing the members get wild and out of control, MC Chanyeol commented, "During times like this, one should exercise mind control," calming himself down.

Suho shared, "We want to show EXO being ourselves. We hope that this will become an opportunity for EXO to strengthen our teamwork." D.O. said, "This is our first reality show so I am nervous, but I think we were able to have fun while filming it. We will show many sides of us never seen before so please look forward to it." Baekhyun also said, "I feel good and thrilled. I want to show the comfortable and friendly image of an ordinary 22-year-old guy."

'EXO's Showtime' will premiere on the 28th at 6 PM KST

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