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It has been revealed that Chanyeol will lead his fellow members on MBC Every1's 'EXO's Showtime' as the MC, and EXO also shared their excitement to show what they're really like on their first ever reality show.

According to the show's reps, EXO answered viewers' questions during their first filming, including the difficult question, "Who is the most good looking member?" The members replied, "Everyone has so many charms, so it's hard to choose", but ended up conducting a visual ranking among themselves.

Upon seeing the members get wild and out of control, MC Chanyeol commented, "During times like this, one should exercise mind control," calming himself down.

Suho shared, "We want to show EXO being ourselves. We hope that this will become an opportunity for EXO to strengthen our teamwork." D.O. said, "This is our first reality show so I am nervous, but I think we were able to have fun while filming it. We will show many sides of us never seen before so please look forward to it." Baekhyun also said, "I feel good and thrilled. I want to show the comfortable and friendly image of an ordinary 22-year-old guy."

'EXO's Showtime' will premiere on the 28th at 6 PM KST

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