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Queen's, T-ara will be back before you know it as they've started off the teasing process with the first teaser images of Jiyeon!

Jiyeon leaves fans curious about the upcoming concept as her eyes seem to be filled with tears. Not much has been confirmed, but the agency does mention that the music video and choreography will take on a musical like theme.

As mentioned previously, the title track, "2013 What Should I Do?" is the work of Shinsadong Tiger and Polar Bear and features sampling of the song that won the traditional University Song Festival back in 1977, Sand Pebbles' "What Should I Do?".

Be on the lookout for more teasers coming up until they make their comeback on December 2.

T-ara has released Eunjung's image for their upcoming song "What Should I Do".

Eunjung turned into a platinum blonde for the song, emphasizing her pale, white skin with her bright blue contact lenses.

T-ara said, "'What Should I Do' isn't the same retro concept as 'Roly Poly'. As you can see in Jiyeon and Eunjung's teaser images, you can't see any retro styles in the images."

Following the release of Jiyeon and Eunjung‘s teaser for T-ara‘s comeback track “What Should I Do?,” it is now Hyomin‘s turn.

Wearing a bight pink sweater, she is seen holding a drink and blowing bubble gum in the first two pictures. The second set of pictures, which features her in a bar, looks like it has a darker filter over it. In all the pictures she has a serious expression.

T-ara’s newest track, “What Should I Do?” samples a 1977 song with the same title that won first place at a University song festival. The music video for “What Should I Do?” will be filmed like a musical and allow for the members of T-ara to showcase their acting and interesting choreography.

All members’ teaser photos will be released one by one until December 2, when the song will be released.
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