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Group VIXX’s choreography for their new song “Voodoo Doll” did not pass the 3 broadcasting stations’

On the 22nd representatives of VIXX’s agency said that VIXX will have their first comeback on national television on KBS2 Music Bank. However the choreography did not pass regulations and was inevitably edited.

VIXX also received the same verdicts from MBC Music Core and SBS Inkigayo.
The problamatic part was using the skull cane to stab their hearts. When the music video was released, there was already a violence controversy over the blood.

Officials of the company said, “The part that became the problem is where the VIXX members turned into voodoo dolls. The choreogrpahy is symbolic of expressing the sad fate of the doll being pierced in the heart,” and, “We were shocked at receiving this verdict. It’s a situation where we have to go on with the broadcast, but we are also pressured about how to change the key point of the choreography.”

VIXX’s title song “Voodoo Doll” is a song about becoming a voodoo doll to fulfill a misplaced love and expresses the sad fate of self-sacrifice for that love.

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2013-11-22 в 20:16 

У одинокого пессимиста кровать наполовину пуста
Вот это однако Оо

2013-11-23 в 00:42 

all k-pop news
Audispen, ужасно нечестно(

2013-11-27 в 14:44 

У одинокого пессимиста кровать наполовину пуста
all k-pop news, я уже поплакала и похвалила себя за то, что концерт со старой хореографией скачала.
Странно это все.

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