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It has been revealed that JYJ has filed a claim against a few magazines for publishing their photos without any prior notice.

C-JeS Entertainment stated on the 26th, "All three members of JYJ filed a claim for damages against two magazines which published their photos with prior notice... We have already gone through several sessions and are awaiting the conclusion of the arguments mid-December... The two magazines used photos released through press releases or taken at press conferences, and published the photos in dozens of pages, and in one part of the magazine, a photo was blown up to an A4 size that filled the page, and there was also a separate poster released for distribution as well."

The agency also added, "It's not that we're trying to prohibit reasonable acts of report... As long as it's in a reasonable range, of course, we permit the usage of press release photos," explaining that what the two magazines have done are considered beyond a reasonable amount.

The JYJ members are definitely not the first celebrities to exercise their right of publicity as stars like Baek Ji Young, Nam Gyu Ri, and more have recently been engaged in legal battles over similar matters.

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